Stack Overflow for Developers

Stack Overflow is a regular and essential part of my web development work. Development and programming is a wide world of many languages, processes and paths. One of the things that is so cool and appealing about the internet is that it is a network and community of developers who build it together. To do this, much of the internet as well as common computer apps are built on what is called open-source code.

Open-Source Code

Open source code allows everyone access to learn and build the same code languages. It is a community of developers that set what web standards are. This also helps keep the internet mostly free to use and gives everyone equal access. Stack Overflow is a question and answer site where developers share information, problems and solutions about making their code work.

Online Community for Developers

Using the SEO tool Ubersuggest I can see Stack Overflow gets an estimated 20-26 Million visits a month. This is a great developer community where code problems are solved.

Stack Overflow is the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share​ ​their programming ​knowledge, and build their careers.

With a little help from my friends… at Stack Overflow

When I come across a functional issue with how my code is performing I usually start with one of two things. I either go directly to Stack Overflow and search for previous references to the issue that I’m having or I search my preferred search engine for my issue and usually I still follow a link to Stack Overflow.

If I have a code problem that I cannot already find a reference to on the web, that’s when I ask my question on this question and answer site. And then I wait for some kindly coder out there in the world to answer my call – or rather my question so to speak. Answers come in quickly and are ranked by their relevance via a user ranking system. This is based on questions asked and answered. You get points for asking questions too, not just for having answers!