What are Web Safe Fonts?

Fonts are a big part of your branding and website design.

Though understanding the use of web safe fonts ahead of time can really help you along your design process and save you from confusion and disappointments later on. It would seem many people who aren’t familiar with web development think they can use any font they want across their site. But sadly this is not true at this juncture in the web.

The attached article outlines which fonts work and which fonts sometimes work and how to work with all of these. Have a look 🙂

A summary of what you will be about to read though is that fonts on the web want to reference fonts that are already on most peoples computers “out of the box”. Though this can be variable from device to device. See attached link for further info on your “best bet” list of standard fonts across devices.

Otherwise, another solid option (though still limited so do your research!) is google fonts which came around and revolutionized web fonts a few years back adding a host of fonts to the relatively meager list that would fall under the list of fonts already on your computer or smart phone. While this list is rather more extensive, it’s draw back is that it can slow your sites performance down because to use these fonts your website has to reference the google font website and this adds a step in its thinking process.

Choosing Web Safe Fonts for Your Website

Choosing Web Safe Fonts for Your Website

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