Thrive Solo Project Management Software App

Thrive Solo Project is a great project management app for freelancers, entrepreneurs and business professionals

Now that I’m committing to this blog, I really can’t help but share all the tricks I’ve picked up along this crazy old thing you call the hustle. My wing man is Thrive Solo

Thrive Solo

“Beautiful award winning Project Management Software for Freelancers. Time Tracking Software, Quotes, and Invoicing Software that’s flexible and easy to use.”

Screenshot of Thrive Sole App Homepage, it's bright blue background color with simple text that says 'Running a business is hard. Luckily you've just found your wingman..."     I have been using Thrive Solo since 2015. I was excited to discover it because I had been dreaming about it for years, often having already wished to find as good of a project management app as this. Over the years I have tried a variety tools and I have found a comfortable place with Thrive Solo. It’s effortless and intuitive landscape, sleek design and quality customer support are all the features that get me pretty jazzed.

The user dashboard logged into project management app Thrive Solo. There's a time tracker, graph of project metrics and menu of links like projects, to do, planner, time sheets, clients, expenses, quotes, invoices, team members and company.

Thrive Solo Features

  • Time Tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Client Profiles
  • Projects Profiles With Fields for Project, Task, Work Type, User, Date, Duration, Hourly Rate etc
  • Time Sheets
  • To Do
  • Expenses
  • Quotes
  • & more

View and export field specific reports filtering your timeline as you wish; by financial year, just this month, all time and in between. Track your profit margins, budgets, hourly rate and more. Professional invoicing never was so easy.