Myers Briggs Personality Test Free Tool – Insightful for understanding yourself better

In her work towards peace and understanding we have the contribution of Isabel Briggs Myers, who with her mother developed a survey and compiled the results into what is now the MBTI and is a test taken by 2 million people a year in over 16 languages.

This insightful test based off the insights of Carl Jung, is an interesting work of some of the worlds most innovative thinkers.

Here is a free, shortened version based off the original. Did you find your results to be accurate and was it helpful? If so how?

I’m always impressed with the accuracy of this test, that even after years have gone by, the results echo the same again and again.

I’m an ENTJ “The Commander” for a while now, my type represents just 2% of the population.

“Overrepresented among MBA students and small business owners

One of two types most likely to be satisfied with their work”

ENTJ is Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging and they say we get a lot of satisfaction from achievement and we’re a naturally self starting bunch who shine as “strategists”. Other commanders include Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Jobs, Gordon Ramsay, Franklin D Roosevelt, Harrison Ford.

ENTJ Personality (The Commander) | 16Personalities

ENTJ Personality (The Commander) | 16Personalities

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