Using Instagram for Business Social Marketing Tool

Instagram is a great tool for business.

Instagram has a range of features that can be utilized for marketing your business on social media. Posting content about your business is an obvious one. There is the regular posting that happens on your feed and you can also post Instagram stories, IGTV video content and more. Foster your business community with hashtags and tagging other accounts like your business partners, clients, friends etc or utilizing the apps messaging abilities with direct messages. Instagram e-commerce is also rapidly growing and provides a huge amount of opportunity for business and organizations of all kinds.

Instagram is

  • Easy to Use
  • Free
  • Great for Generating Brand awareness and New Leads
  • Audience Development

To post to Instagram, you need to download the Instagram app to your smart phone. The app is designed for mobile. While you can login to your account on desktop and see your feed and messages, other features like posting are limited to mobile. You can download the IG social media app from the app store on you phone. Once you have downloaded and opened it, you will be asked to create an account with your username and email.

Anyone can change their personal account to a professional account through the app’s settings. A professional IG account gives access to professional tools such as insights about your followers, account performance and business features like contact options etc.

Link Instagram to Facebook

With Instagram it is also an option to link your account to your Facebook Page. This has it’s own benefits and capabilities like easy cross posting, running ads and more. If you have a Facebook Page for your business or organization, any advertising campaigns you set there can automatically be shared on Instagram. You can also share your Instagram posts to your Facebook personal or business page, making it as easy to share to two platforms as it is to one. Facebook also has a social media management tool called Facebook Creator Studio which helps “manage posts, insights and messages from all of your Facebook Pages in one place.” Learn about Facebook Creator Studio

3rd party Instagram App Add-Ons

Once you get pretty good at Instagram, you might like to try out some expansion apps for doing things like


One of the main features of IG is the use of hashtags. Using hash tags is a crucial aspect to developing an Instagram audience and to generating new leads. Hashtags allow you to tag your posts with related keywords that make it easier for other users to discover and like your posts. You tag a post by writing keywords with a hashtag at the front like #hashtag #digital #blog

Include as many as 20-30 hashtags with every post. Use relevant hash tags. Do a little research to find out popular hash tags you could use for your posts or try an app like in Tags – Best hashtags generator for social media. Look through the results and develop a list of hash tags that are appropriate for your content. You can be abstract, zany or direct with your choice of hash tags. While creativity is usually celebrated here, try to be descriptive with hashtags that are relevant to your product or service.

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