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How to Download Video from Facebook – Easy Steps

It often comes up that you may want to download / save a video to your computer that someone has posted to Facebook. This is an easy process with a couple of easy clicks. Following these simple steps: Copy the URL of the video you want to download. You can do this by going to […]

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Free Photos To Use On Your Website or Blog

Quality visuals are essential to brand marketing which relies on rich visuals to attract and engage brand audience. Using photos you found online could mean infringing on copyright laws. So how does one find free images that are 100% legal to use? SEARCH ENGINE IMAGE SEARCH One way to find free images that are available […]

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Image Optimization for Web

The important thing to remember is that every webpage has a PAGE LOAD TIME. This is calculated by how much data needs to be uploaded to the users computer. The data on a page can also be called the WEB PAGE WEIGHT. Other factors include the internet providers service, such as high speed vs. dial […]

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Free Vectors Online For Your Website or Blog

Vector images are a great way to add unique and iconic visuals to your website, blog or promotional materials. Read on to find out my top resources for getting free vectors online. What is a vector? A vector is a graphic that maintains it’s resolution no matter how large or small because it is built […]

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Full Screen Background Images for Web

I am a big fan of full screen background images used for a websites design. 2/3 screen to 1/3 screen is good too! The important thing is a nice glossy looking image to fill that space with good visual content.  A good quality photograph to convey your sites appeal is not something to be underestimated […]