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Mailchimp and why e-newsletters are a top performer for increasing and marketing business

Mailchimp has been my solution for making and sending e-newsletters. I use it for my business and for my clients. ¬†You can sign up for a free account which is plenty good for many small business’. The free account offers up to 2000 subscribers and provides the means to make quality designed e-newsletters. You […]

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Why Bandcamp is better than Spotify or most other music streaming services

1. Money goes to the artists Spotify pays out less than 1 cent per track being streamed. Meanwhile, the majority of the money collected on bandcamp goes directly to the artists who made the music. Artists selling music on bandcamp pay the platform 15% of their sales, retaining 85%, the majority percentage¬† of all album […]

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SEO by Yoast WordPress – Best Plugins

The SEO by Yoast WordPress plugin offers free and paid services. Their free services are pretty amazing and likely is good to be on everyone’s wordpress websites. SEO is a tricky thing for most folks to begin to wrap their head around and even for me, a tech savvy coder and SEO services provider, I […]

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Website Development Tutorials & More with

I took the time this past month to update myself on current standards of website development and hit the ground running with – Having completed 7 certificates this past week alone, related to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML and running a creative services business, there are dozens more of their courses exciting me about learning […]

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How To Improve Your Website SEO Ranking Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization – aka – SEO is the process by which you can improve your ranking score for certain search terms in a search engine like google or yahoo. Let’s say you own a florist shop called Deloris the Florist in Regina Saskatchewan Canada.When someone searches their preferred search engine with the key words […]

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Using Instagram for Business Social Marketing Tool

Instagram is a great tool for business. This is pretty much the #1 tool for online marketing that I am currently recommending to my clients. Instagram is Easy to Use Free Great for Generating Brand awareness and New Leads Audience Development You need a smart phone to use it. You can view accounts on your […]